We focus on:

  • LED controller
  • LED display controller
  • LED display control card
  • LED display screen
  • LED display module
  • LED video processor

Welcome to Tuowi Technology

TUOWI is a professional manufacturer who focus on LED display screen controller, LED video processor and LED display control card in Shenzhen China. We integrate the research and design, engineering and manufacturing, marketing and service so as to offer a wide range of products to worldwide customers.

China LED display screen controller

  • Sending card: DS801, DS802, DS851, DS852, TS801, TS802, TS803, TS851, TS852
  • Receiving card: RV801, RV802, RV803, RV804
  • Hub card: HUB40A
  • Function card: EX701
  • Relaying card: CN701
  • Optical fiber converter: MC801, SC801
  • Splitter: EB701

China LED video processor

  • LedSync820C
  • LedSync822A
  • LVP404
  • LVP408
  • LVP602S
  • LVP603S
  • LVP605
  • LVP606
  • LVS5066

China LED display screen

  • LED display module
  • Indoor LED display screen
  • Outdoor LED display screen